Peter Foxhoven

Peter Foxhoven

He went to ISU and Drake Universities (undergrad and grad school, respectively). He is a regular on the popular podcast The Appendix N Podcast, which features stories from Conan the Barbarian's life.

Peter Foxhoven, Director of Business

In an article for EbizNews, Peter discusses how to engage with clients in a variety of ways. "In the business world, building relationships is such an important aspect of the work of the entrepreneur," Peter Foxhoven says. "You need contacts with other experts in any field, but you especially need strong connections with your buyers."

It doesn't matter if you're a B2B, B2C, or D2C business; you need to understand your consumers' demands and be prepared to satisfy them."

According to Peter Foxhoven, a business owner or entrepreneur should communicate with clients in five different ways:

Know Your Audience - You'll have a hard time creating a relationship if you don't know who you're attempting to help, according to Foxhoven. His advise is to avoid making assumptions about the audience and instead learn about their genuine pain issues and motivators before putting speculations about what will appeal to them to the test.

Maintain Ongoing Communication — Providing a transparent and honest service necessitates constant communication. Provide honest updates, advises Foxhoven, even if the news is bad. Customers will become upset and lose faith in your brand if you leave them wondering.

Assess and Improve – Consider how your clients perceive your job. Checking in or sending out a survey is a great method to find out how they feel about you. He cautions against taking anything seriously. But, anytime there's opportunity for improvement, pay attention and make the necessary adjustments to grow your company.

Many firms seek to overpromise and then fail to deliver. Instead, Foxhoven advises against making promises you aren't confident you can keep. He explains, "Only guarantee what you are sure about." "Wow your consumers by delivering sooner, better, or cheaper than you promised." You gain significant points with everyone you work with or for when you go above and beyond what you claim you'll do."